Where to eat in Gerupuk

There is a larger variety of options to eat in Kuta, but there are still some places to get good local dishes in Gerupuk. If you’re looking for a snack, go to one of the various small shops spread through out the village, where they offer Nasi Bungkus to go.

1. Cafe Ombak

Cafe Ombak is offering the Best food in the Village and is the place where people staying in Gerupuk meet at night. It is a small family-run restaurant with nice service. You will find it on the right sight of the main road in the south of the village. Try the hot and spicy Ayam Taliwang (Grilled Chicken with a special Sumbawa sauce) or the Vegetable curry with some Pizza Bread and wash it down with a Lemon Juice.


2. Sea Monkees

Sea Monkees next to Aussie Homestay has a variety of Indonesian and western food for a good price, they make a good Burgers to. It situated right in front of the beach with a perfect view over the bay.