Surfspots around Kuta Lombok

The area around Kuta offers good waves all year round with spots for all levels.

1. Mawi

Mawi is a consistent right and left-hand reef break getting more swell than most spots on the south coast. On small days you’ll find a nice peak with short hollow rights and lefts. On big days the right is not working, where the left can handle any size and tide. Be careful at low tide, as it can be very shallow. When it’s big it produces challenging left-hand tubes and long hold-downs. There is a very strong riptide on the right.


Mawi Surfmap

mawi_mapMawi Surfmap

2. Mawun

Mawun is a 30min ride west of Kuta past Air Guling. You’ll see a sign that leads to the picture perfect half-moon bay with crystal clear water. There is a right and a left-hander on either sides of the bay. The breaks are very inconsistent, but can work in the wet season or early in the morning. Even if there are no waves, it is an awesome remote place perfect for swimming or just to relax and let the day pass.


Mawun Surfmap
3. Are Guling

Air Guling is a strong right hand reef break with a fast inside section surrounded by a nice setting. The spot works best in the wet season, while offshore trade winds blow from north to north east and usually is best at lower tides. With a big swell it can be very hollow. There is also a short left hander on the opposite side of the bay which can be good at higher tides but is too shallow at low tide. Don’t drive alone and always be careful, as the road tends to be quite accident prone.


Are Guling Surfmap
4. Seger

Seger is the closest break to Kuta and is just 2km east towards Gerupuk. Seger is a powerful right hander with occasional lefts off the peak, breaking over reef. It gets more swell than any other spot nearby. Due to its exposed location, it can be pretty messy on windy days. But with the right conditions it is great, especially after a heavy rain in the wet season. Go early in the morning and watch out for urchins. The small hill next to the parking has a nice panoramic view of the surroundings.


Seger Surfmap
5. Tanjung A’an

Tanjung A’an is an amazing bay with a rocky outcrop in the middle, about 5km east towards Gerupuk. It’s the bay just before you enter the village, you can’t miss it. A’an is an inconsistent, heavy, shallow right hander, where tubes are always possible. Don’t surf here at low tide, as it is too shallow. This wonderful bay is always worth a visit, even if it is only for a sunbath. On windy days it is a pperfect spot for kitesurfing.


Tanjung A'an Surfmap