Surfspots around Gerupuk

Title Picture by Rocksea Waverunner

The Gerupuk Bay is offering five spots that work on slightly different tides, wind and swell directions, providing a range of waves for beginner to advanced surfers.

1. Gerupuk Inside

Inside Gerupuk is a right-hand reef break with a long wall and a forgiving lip, suitable for all levels. The bottom is a soft reef bed which doesn’t cause much damage. It is sheltered from the surrounding hills, thus can deal with most wind. There is nearly always something to surf here with some lefts on smaller days. It is the most popular break in the Bay and therefore not uncrowded by any means. There is still the chance to have an uncrowded early morning surf, just catch a boat before sunrise. On big days, with the right conditions it can be great.
Photo by Rocksea Waverunner


Inside Gerupuk Surfmap
2. Kids Point

Kidspoint is another right-hander with incoming tide being the best, suitable for all levels. It needs a very big swell to work, but when its firing it is fast, hollow and sometimes barrreling, so don’t let the name mislead you.


Kidspoint Surfmap
3. Don Don

Don-Don is an easy A-frame with a forgiving takeoff and fun left and right shoulders, suitable for all levels. It is the furthest break inside the bay, and therefore needs the most swell to work. It is best at outgoing tide when the winds are light. If you are looking for heaps of fun, give Don-Don a try, definitely worth it.


Don Don Surfmap
4. Outside right

Outside right is a solid right-hander which can get quite heavy, with big drops and a fast inside section. It is just a short boat ride from the village and good for intermediate surfers. It is not surfable at low tide and works best at high tide with 4-8ft.
Photo by Rocksea Waverunner


Outside right Surfmap
5. Outside left

Outside left is just across the bay opposite of Outside right. It is an inconsistent left-hander which can be great, suitable for experienced surfers.
Photo by Tony Cleaton


Outside left Surfmap

Ekas Bay

Ekas bay is the next bay east of Gerupuk bay and the largest bay in Lombok, with cliffs overlooking it from both sides. From Gerupuk, it takes about 45min to the small fishing village Awang. Head towards Kuta and turn right when the road forks, follow this road past Sereneng and you’ll reach the village. From here it takes another 30min with an outrigger across the bay where the breaks, »Ekas Inside« and »Ekas Outside« are situated offering perfect long rides in an awesome surrounding. It is also possible to take a boat from Gerupuk. There are two resorts on the east of Ekas bay called “Heaven on the Planet” and »Ocean Heaven«, both New Zealand owned.

1. Ekas Inside

Ekas Inside located further inside the bay, is a fun walling peak, with a fast right and a long left. It needs a big swell and south east winds to work, with lower tides being the best for the right and higher tides for the left. With the right conditions, it is a well worth the trip.


Ekas Inside Surfmap
2. Ekas Outside

Ekas Outside is a left-hander about 1km south of Ekas Inside, and due to its exposed position gets more swell. When it’s big it offers huge drops, heavy long walls and long hold downs. Sharks have been seen here, but with no reports of attacks. The currents here can be challenging.


Ekas Outside Surfmap